High Speed Photography - Time Machine

High speed photography involves catching objects in a state of motion. We use a device named the Time Machine from Mumford Micro Systems. to help us control the timing of the flash. It really helps us stop the motion and capture it all on "film".

The links located on the left side will take you through the steps needed to become more familiar with the Time Machine and how it works. Please take the time to read through the information provided to make your experience as meaniful as it can.

One of the first things needed to produce high speed images is a studio that you can make dark since you will be using the camera in bulb mode.

We will be using a EOS Rebel and a Canon Speed Light to capture our high speed images. We will be using the camera in Manual (M) mode and will be setting the camera's shutter speed to bulb mode. The picture below shows the two settings you will need to set on the camera.


It is important you set the camera on bulb mode since you will be shooting in a black environment. You will be holding the shutter open until the flash is triggered and then you will close the shutter.

We now need to learn how to set up the Time Machine. We use the Time Machine to control the flash and how soon it flashes after the event takes place.

There are five buttons on the Time Machine that you need to be familiar with. Lets discuss each and what their functions are.

RESET: Does just that, resets the Time Machine.
MODE: You use this button to change between the various modes built into the time machine. There are ten modes available.
BEGIN (options): Lets you change the various options available within each mode. Important that you read carefully and go slowly so you do not miss something.
PLUS: Lets you increase the variables. An example would be the time delay on the flash.
MINUS: Lets you decrease the variables. An example would be the time delay on the flash.

You are ready to put what you have learned to use? If so, lets move on to the Time Machine and catch some high speed photography.