Classroom Expectations

Listed below are the expectations for this class. This class is designed to give you some experience with graphic manipulation software, digital photography, printing high resolution photographs and other fun technology related tools. It is very important that everybody is on the same page.

  1. Be on time to class
  2. Treat equipment kindly
  3. Be willing to help others
  4. Best behavior ALWAYS
  5. Don't waste supplies
  6. Pay attention in class

Your success in this class is directly related to your ability to pay attention. We cover a lot of really cool concepts and it can move fast at certain points. Don't be afraid to ask questions when you are confused. This will help you and other students.

Your grade is calculated by the completion of classroom assignments. You are not graded on your creativity. We only have about 7 to 8 assignments so taking a zero on one assignment will hurt.

There will be a couple quizzes in class. Take good notes because I will let you use your notes on any quiz we take!

You must bring your agenda to class with you. It is your ticket to freedom!