Shapes Effect


Go to the internet and find a cool picture. Once on the "images" section of Google, make sure you go to "Tools -->Size --> Larger than 2MP". Grab that image and open it up in Photoshop Elements. Make sure you follow the directions closely and read carefully.


Click on the "Background" in the layers palette and make it the active layer. Choose the "Retangular Marquee Tool" and draw a small box on your imagesure. Choose "Command - J" to place the selection on it's own layer like in the imagesure below. You should notice that Photoshop Elements copied part of the image and placed it on it's own layer. Repeat the "Retangular Marquee Tool" each time you would like to create a new selection. Make sure you are always clicking on the background layer before choosing "Command-J". Make your selections over lap a bit. The effect is better at the end. Look at the example at the bottom of this page to see what I mean.



With Layer 1 selected, click on the Effects button located at the button of the Photoshop Elements screen.

Click on the pop down menu that says bevels, and choose strokes. Double click on the middle choice in the top row. Go back ot the pop down menu and choose Outer Glows. Double click on the one that says Small Border. Now click back on your layers palette and you will see an fx symbol located next to Layer 1. Double click on the fx symbol and a pop up menu will appear. You can set fine tune the effects in this window. I set my outer glow to size 5 and left the stroke size at 2. Now click on Layer 1 and hold down the control key on your keyboard. Choose "Copy Layer Style". Go down to Layer 2 and hold down the control click while clicking on Layer 2 and choose Paste Layer Style. Do that for the remaining layers except the Background Layer.


When finished, you should get something that looks like the images below. The first one is before the effects have been applied. This is a neat effect and looks really neat printed.


Finished product.