Color Sketch


Start by opening one of the pictures you took in Photoshop Elements. Just drag the photo out of iPhoto and drop it on the icon for Photoshop Elements on your dock.


Duplicate the background layer by dragging it on top of the new layer icon on the layers palette. The icon is located in the upper left corner of the layers palette. This will duplicate the layer and name it "background copy". Notice the example below.


READ THIS STEP CAREFULLY AND PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. With the "background copy" layer active or selected, go to "enhance --> convert to black. and white". When the pop up window appears, choose Scenic Landscapes. Next, choose "filter --> stylize --> find edges". This is what you should have now.

Now, go to "Enhance --> Adjust Lighting --> Levels". Look at the graphic below. Slide the far left black arrow to the right until the black lines and detail start to become more pronounced. There is NO right answer. Slide till you can see enough detail!


Click on the original background layer and duplicate it once again by dragging it and dropping it on the new layer icon on the layers palette. Just like you did in step number two. The new layer will be placed above the background copy layer. You will need to click on it and drag it to the top of the layers palette. This is an IMPORTANT step.


With the top layer selected, choose "hard light" in the drop down box and change the opacity to 75%. There are other choices in the blending mode pop down. Feel free to see what effect the other choices have before deciding on a final choice. You can change the opacity to any value. 75% seems to work the best.


Below are the two pictures before the color sketch and after.


Last step. Save your new Color Sketch onto your desktop. Once on your desktop, drag them into your folder named Final Projects. This is the folder you will hand in to me at the end of the rotation.